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Do you still have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions!

When competing, which mat should I go to?

First, we have a page that is available on our website that shows you all the brackets in order, updates every 15 seconds and shows which ones are active and completed. Therefore if your brackets #45 and it's the beginning of the tournament, you know that you will have a little time to chill before you start getting ready.

Secondly, we have TVs throughout the venue that rotate from the live mat view, which shows what competitors are currently competing on a mat and the view that shows the  8 brackets that are competing, the ones that are on deck and the ones that should be warming up. So in all, you will be able to see up to 24 brackets in advance from the TVs at the venue.

If you provide your cell number during registration, you will receive text messages that will let you know when you reach the top 24 spot (when you should start getting warmed up), the top 16 spot (when you are on deck), and then finally what mat you are to go to!

You and anyone else will also have the ability to follow other competitors by logging into our website and then clicking on the provided tab that will ask your cell phone number and who you want to follow. You will receive a text message that tells you when and where they are completing along with the results.

Does Kaktuo provide awards?

We give custom medals out to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each division along with team trophies!

Is there a 1 or 2 lb allowance for weigh ins and do I get to weigh in more than once if I am overweight?

We do not give any allowance for weigh-ins. You have the opportunity to weigh in without the gi on and typically are allowed to weigh in the day before the tournament. However, if you are even .01 once's over the allotted weight on our certified scale you will be placed in the in the next weight class. We will allow you to weigh in as many times as you wish before the designated cut off time, but you must wait in line again to check your weight.

Do I have to participate in a Kakuto tournaments in order to use the fighter profile card online?

We understand that not everyone is able to travel to the southeast to compete at Kakuto, but we don't want to penalize you for that! We think that it is imperative that someone host a place that allows Submission artist to log their accomplishments and to have a place to host their tournament photos and videos!