We manage and promote exciting submission
focused competitive events and tournaments
for athletes of all ages and experience.

Here at Kakuto, we are a passionate team focused on bringing the premier submission based competitions and tournaments to the Southeast. Having competed ourselves, we understand the how distracting and disappointing a poorly run tournament can be. From mismatched opponents to disorganized mat assignments, many organizations fail to pay attention to the details that matter. Not at Kakuto!

We are devoted to bringing the best managed and efficiently run tournaments to our competitor friends. Not only do we believe we excel in this arena, we seek to create a fun and vibrant environment for our friends, sponsors and spectators. Jiu Jitsu in the Southeast and Atlanta is exploding and we are at ground zero supporting our local gyms, fighters and events. We encourage you to come out to our next event and say hi!


Our history of events speak for themselves. Kakuto Submission Challenge has a history of delivering successful events time after time. Come join us at our next event!

“Jim and Byron are incredibly dedicated to deliver an amazing experience for all – competitors, spectators, vendors, sponsors…”
Carey G
“One of my favorite tournaments to compete in. Everyone there is having a great time and supporting each other in competition.”


We are proud to offer our insights and commentary in the world of submission grappling and jiu jitsu