Registration Update--Free Hoodie Offer

hoodieDue to the popularity of the free hoodie offer, we've decide to extend this offer to 25 MORE people who pre-register online before the end of the day Sept 1st! These are great looking hoodies that are terrific for occasions in or out of the gym!  Also, you can pre-order (in case you aren't competing or want extras) for only $29 each and pick them up the day of the tournament! 


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Kakuto Jim ALS Ice Challenge


 Called out by Kakuto Co-Owner Byron Lovvorn and Emily Kimberling at Keystones Industries (they make the raw materials for Proform mouthguards!), Jim answers the challenge and issue a challenge of his own!

Now, we charge you all with the KAKUTO Challenge!

Rehydrate Sponsors Kakuto Challenge

Big Pie PictureThe Kakuto Challenge is excited to announce the continued sponsorship support of Rehyrdrate, LLC (

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